Establish a Business Plan; Work Smarter-Not Harder

Establish a Business Plan; Work Smarter-Not Harder

Newsletter December 2013

I’m looking forward to the Christmas Eve Luncheon at work, Christmas dinner with family and friends and let us not forget the PRESENTS!

However, when it comes to my business, I spend time taking a look at my production during the preceding months and the net results of all the hard work. Then, I set up a business plan for the upcoming year. 

Currently I am comparing my 2013 business plan to what actually happened during the year and working on a business plan to make sure that 2014 is an awesome year!

My motto is Work Smarter – Not Harder! So establishing a business plan for 2014 is critical for both my personal and business success!

Reviewing the 2013 Challenge; Add 1 Internet Marketing Habit a Month


Habit #1 – Keep up with industry news to share with the social networks using Google Alerts

Habit #2 – Automate and syndicate your blog and social networking posts

Habit #3 – When social networking, engage and interact with your target market

Habit #4 – Put your email marketing on auto-pilot, set up campaigns

Habit #5 – Nurture your Top 100 Prospects, convert to Clients

Habit #6 – Keep in touch with prospects and subscribers with a monthly eNewsletter

Habit #7 – Routinely add relevant content at your website, at least once a week

Habit #8 – Monitor your online statistics, know what is working and what needs work

Habit #9 – Establish a strategy to make getting online reviews a priority

Habit #10- Establish your expertise online; Answer at least 1 online question a day

Habit #11 – Create free Offers (eBooks, How-To Guides, etc.) and set up a lead capture system


Which brings us to Habit #12 – I want to invite you to this virtual training at no cost –  Review the Prior Year and Set up a Marketing Plan for the New Year, Monday December 30th at 1pm…

During this virtual training we will be cover How-To:

  • Document the Internet Marketing Strategies you used during 2013

  • Review and document your 2013 productivity and note of your final numbers

  • Establish a Business Plan to meet your goals for 2014

  • And much, much more!

Save your seat for “Review 2013 and Plan for 2014” at


Just thought I would share these Time Management Tips by my friend Eleanor Sweet of

Execute Time Management Tips


Things to do at the end of the day…

1. List five things you accomplished.

2. Come up with five things you’re grateful for.

3. Review your goals.

4. Visualize your achievement of those goals

5. Define the five things you want to accomplish tomorrow.

NOTE: Scientific research has shown that whatever you focus on in the last 45 minutes of the day has a large impact on both your sleep and your next day. The subconscious mind will process this late-night input up to six times more often than anything else you have experienced during the day.


Also, wanted to remind you, I still have 10 free subscriptions available for Road-Map to Internet Marketing Success!


In this 8 module series I am going to train business owners to setup a robust internet marketing system:

1. Planning for Success! Keywords & Target Market

2. Setting up your SEO website

3. Learn the art of social prospecting

4. How to automate social networking posts

5. How to set up local marketing

6. How to add curated content to your website

7. How to write an eBook and gain new prospects

8. How to measure internet marketing results


For more information go to Road-Map to Success or Save your spot now!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!