Marketing Challenge; Add 12 New Habits

Habit #1~Using Google Alerts

Copy of the Presentation for Habit #1

Habit #2~How to automate and syndicate your social networking posts

Copy of Presentation for Habit #2

Habit #3~Engage and interact with your target market

Copy of presentation for Habit #3

Habit #4~Put your Email Marketing on Autopilot

Habit #5~Set up a Top 100 Prospects list and set up a contact calendar

Habit #6~Start a monthly eNewsletter

Habit #7~How to create content (simply) and start publishing fresh new content weekly; blogs, videos, images

Habit #8~Monitor your online statistics, 10 minutes a week, know what is working and what needs work

Habit #9~Commit to a strategy to get online reviews

Habit #10~Start answering industry related questions (30 minutes a week) on the internet.

Habit #11~Create an eBook or Guide and set up a lead-capture system

Habit #12~Review all of your 2013 internet marketing activities, start planning for 2014

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  1. Alan Brown

    I noticed that the webinars are posted. I’ll catchup later. Thank you Lynn.

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