Internet Marketing Tips; Implementation of Social Search Optimization (SSO)

Internet Marketing Tips; Social Search Optimization

Internet Marketing Tips; Social Search Optimization
Internet Marketing Tip: When people Comment, Like/+1 and Share your social content the Search Engines pay attention. SSO is about audience engagement.

The end result when it comes to Social Search Optimization is:

  • Online visibility due to the increased engagement.

  • Early adopters stand to gain a significant competitive advantage and add more brand equity.

  • Sales will increase due to increased engagement, organic traffic and client loyalty.

So you can see how important it is to get Social Search Optimization just right.

And, your next question is – how do we accomplish the task of SSO?

Start by Setting up social media Business Pages, Groups and Communities in a consistent manner,  complete all information categories including; description, contact information, related links, profile images, cover images and links back to your website. Focus on presenting your brand consistently.


Internet Marketing Tip; It is important to plan your content, and consistently put up posts that appeal to your target audience.

Keep in mind that there are four main types of social media posts and each appeals to a different target audience:

  • Topical; trending topics, current events

  • Visual; images, videos, graphs

  • Expressive; share yourself

  • Target-Specific; share relevant content

…So it’s a good idea to plan to post a variety of these different types of content.


Internet Marketing Tip: Optimize Social Networking Content for maximum audience engagement.

  • Tell a story, people love stories

  • Write content based on statistics, both social media & website

  • Images lead to heightened interest, include them in your posts.

  • Focus on strategic use of keywords and relevance for your target market.

Remember that Social Networking is all about engagement and to accomplish this you need to give without any expectation of a return:

  • Comment, plus/like & share with friends, prospects and people in your target market

  • When people Comment, plus/like and share your content, respond quickly and reciprocate

  • Practice cross promotion; Promote people & content that’s relevant to your target market

  • Engage with people, get involved in their conversations, send private messages

  • Promote your friends, followers and connections,  mention them, use hash tags, add tags to your images

To sum up a Social Search Optimization strategy you need to start with a keyword focused website and update that website with fresh content regularly (at least once a week).

Sign up with the top 5 Social Networking sites; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Set up Business Pages (or Channels, Groups, Communities) at these top Social Networking sites.

Determine what types of posts will appeal to your target audience, and then plan for your social media content, making sure to include; relevant images, links to website, links to industry articles, quotations/questions. And don’t for get to optimize those posts using keywords.

Finally, and this is the most important aspect of Social Search Optimization, establish relationships, Interact, engage and reciprocate with your new found friends, followers, and connections.