Internet Marketing Tips; Elements of A/B testing to improve conversion rates

Internet marketing Tip: Try analyzing these 13 
different page elements when conducting A/B testing 
to improve conversion rates at landing pages:
  1. Headline. Write 2 different versions of a headline, version A could be punchy and version B could be descriptive. Compare the 2 version to determine which one works better with your audience.
  2. Headline Font Size. You could try an <h1> for version A and a <h2> for version B and then compare the versions to determine which one works better.
  3. Page Layout. When you lay out your landing page, try installing the on the right side in version A and on the left side in version B. Will the image (or video) work better at the top of the page or just above the fold. Where is the best place for you headline and copy?
  4. Image (or Video) Is your image engaging? Would an image (or video) demonstrate your value proposition better, causing more people to complete your form? Try a picture in version A and a video in version B.
  5. Captions on Images (or Videos). Does adding a captions to your image (or video) help clarify it? Or does it distract people from filling out the form?
  6. Use of Social Follow Buttons. If you add social follow button, do you get more followers, or do they seem to distract your visitors. Try installing the social follow buttons on version A of the landing page, and add install them at the Thank You page for version B.
  7. Use of Testimonials. If you add customer testimonials, do more of your visitors convert to leads? What is the best place on the landing page to add testimonials?
  8. Form Headline. What words in your form’s headline most clearly portray your message? Try a couple of different headlines to determine which one provides the lowest landing page abandonment rate?
  9. Form Field Names. Are there clearer ways to label the fields on your form? Maybe on version 1 you could ask for First Name and Last Name, and on version 2 you could ask for just the Name.
  10. Number of Form Fields. How many form fields will your visitor be willing to fill out in exchange for your free offer? Try just 3 fields in version A and 4-5 fields in version B.
  11. Form Button Color. For version A try a contrasting color, and for version B try a color similar to the main color in your call-to-action. Which color works best, version A or version B.
  12. Form Button Size. Does the size of your Submit Button make a difference? Try a small one for version A and a larger one for version B.
  13. Form Button Copy. What type of content gets more clicks? Try something simple like, “Click Here for Free Guide” in version A, or something longer in version B, “Click here to get your Free Facebook Training Guide”.  Do they both clearly explain what will happen after the submission, which one gets better conversion rates.

Take the time to conduct A/B testing to on your Landing Pages, just test an element at a time for  5 days or so. Once you have assessed which of the versions, A or B, works best for your target audience, then your Landing Pages will work more effectively… converting prospects into clients.

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