Custom Website Hosting

 Are you interested in a website built just for you? How about…

  • 5 page custom website set-up; About, Services, Gallery, Reviews & Contact

  • Half hour of website maintenance each month to add pictures, reviews, edit content

  • Access and training guide so that owner can add or edit content.

See Websites by Lynn Albro

Note: By Subscribing to this Basic Website Hosting you have agreed to the Contract for Custom Website Services.

$49.95 per month

For a limited time… just 19.95 per month

Custom Website Hosting

2 comments on “Custom Website Hosting

  1. John Kraft

    I’ve come to the conclusion that this is way over my head! I think it would me much more productive for me to avail myself of your expertise in setting up and maintaining a proper website. I currently have the domain name linked to my C21 page, but am open to getting a new domain name if that’s better. I will await your guidance.

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